Passenger Testimonials

Rob uses our 337 service from Ennis to Kilrush 

“The TFI Local Link 337 driver has a great way about him to handle every situation with kindness and respect and a bit of humour.”


Catherine uses our 521 service from Newcastle West to Charleville and Charleville to Newcastle West on a regular basics.

“I am a regular passenger and I take my grandchildren regularly on the services and they love it. All the drivers are first class and they are very helpful and obliging. “


Michael just started using the bus on our L12 service on a Tuesday from Gortfadda via Adare  to The Desmond Complex

“I would not be able to make the trip to The Desmond Complex on a Tuesday as I do not drive any more. I did not pass my eyesight test so I could not get my driving licence.  The pickup and drop off at the door gives me huge independence. I live on my own and getting on the service gives me the opportunity to meet new people and make new friends. The dinner and food & activities at The Desmond Complex are great value and the staff are lovely.


Noreen Just started our L12 from Adare to The Desmond Complex

I am delighted to be picked up and dropped off at the my door”


Elizabeth has just started on the L25 – Bruree via Granagh to Charleville 

It’s manna from Heaven. I do not drive anymore and there is very little services where I live.  Joining the service means that I have access to lots of services in Charleville. Becoming a member of the L25 service has given me a new lease on life and adds to my independence.


Catherine Mary new member on Service L29. Knocklong – Ballinvreena – Kilmallock – Charleville

I was already a member of TFI Local Link Limerick Clare, but I had to move and live in a different area.

I was delighted when I found out that the L29 service was able deviate to collect me at my door as I live in a rural area. I can now meet my daughter and son in law in Charleville as they are able to travel on the 51 Bus Eireann service to meet me.  I can also meet my friends that are on the L25 service. The access to the new service has brought back lots of opportunities into my life”


Exchange Students on 521 – Newcastle West – Charleville

We are a group of exchange students and we are studying in secondary schools. We are living with host families for the academic year in different areas of Newcastle West, Dromcollogher and Kilmeedy.  The service means that we can meet up and travel to Charleville and then go on to Cork Limerick if we want to.“


Michael uses our 337 Service – Kilrush to Ennis

“The good thing about the TFI Local Link service is that the drivers are always on time, are easy going and have a great sense of humour.  A saying that comes to mind is ‘being sociable is good business’.  There is a great flexibility and one of the main reasons I love travelling is the hospitality on board the bus and the drivers talks to you.”


Mary uses  our 339 Service – Kilrush to Loop Head

“The TFI Local Link bus service is a real gift.  the driver is a real gentleman.  It really saved my life as my husband died three years ago.  I have encouraged my friends to use the service also.”


Bridget uses our C10 Service – Scariff to Flagmount & Scariff to Sixmilebridge to Shannon

“The TFI Local Link bus service never lets us down.  The drivers are always so helpful and the amount of time we have in Shannon is just perfect.  It was great to see more and more new people use this great service and long may it continue.”